This is how was EXOFID formed.

EXOFID is an Indonesian Fanbase for EXO (12 wonderful boys in EXOPLANET). EXOFID officially started with opened a facebook fanpage called EXO Fans Indonesia since May 3rd 2012. Did various promote and update many photos or info from EXO until we gain some likers ^^ Thanks guys. At first, EXOFID just a facebook fanpage that only update or develop it on Facebook but over time, EXOFID decided to creating other site to sharing the lastest info from EXO. There are wordpress, we also have planning to create Twitter account (still under construction) because we want to give you the best 🙂

All of EXOFID Staff’s principle is ‘be a professional staff to doing their job’. EXOFID’s principle are ‘there is no compulsion in various aspects’ and ‘be good fanbase for all of EXO Fans in Indonesia and our wonderful boys EXO’.

About the rules :

  • If you want to take info/photos (anything from our updates) please TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS especially for INDO TRANSLATIONS as we always notice at the last updates.
  • Do not BASHING everything on here (comments or anything).
  • You can COMMENT or LIKE our updates as you like, this is will make us happy and feel appreciated and honorable ^^
  • SHARE everything as you like from here to the other EXO Fans.

Find Us ‘EXOFID (EXO Fans Indonesia)’ On Social Network :


If you have criticisms, suggestions, parntnership to EXOFID or asked us anything, you can contact us via e-mail contact.exofid@gmail (our first email exokmfansindonesia@gmail.com still active. You can contact us by these two emails). We’re welcome~

Thanks for your support to us. Thanks for everything.

We will do our best 🙂


EXOFID (EXO Fans Indonesia)


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