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[From. SUHO] Halo semuanya

안녕하세요 여러분~
어느 날 기특하게도 방문 앞에
사진을 붙이던 세훈이..
역시 우리 막내다^^

라고 옆에서 써 달라고 했어요 세훈이가 ㅋㅋ
이방에 들어오고 싶죠?
하지만 방 청소를 안 해서..
헤헤~ 깹송~ 예헷~

Halo semuanya~
Hari itu Sehun dengan mengejutkan
menaruh sebuah foto pada pintunya…
Seperti yang diperkirakan, magnae kami^^

Sehun menyuruhku untuk menulis tentang gambar ini hehe
Kalian ingin masuk ke ruangan ini, kan?
Tapi ruangnya tidak bersih, jadi..
Hehe~ Kkapsong~ Yehet~

Hello everyone~
One day Sehun had surprisingly
taped a picture to his door…
As expected from our maknae^^

Sehun requested me to write that next to the picture hehe
You want to come into this room right?
But the room is not clean, so..
Hehe~ Kkapsong~ Yehet~

Source: EXO-K Official Website
English Translation: dailyexo
Indonesian Translation: Byeolstar @ EXOFID


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