[OFFICIAL] 140209 EXO’s Official Facebook Update – Baekhyun, Tao & Sehun with Tang Wei

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[ANSWER] 뒷 모습까지도 멋진 그 여성은 바로 ‘탕웨이’였습니다! 탕웨이와 함께 한 EXO 세훈, 타오, 백현의 이야기를 매거진 “더셀러브리티” 3월호에서 확인 해 보세요~

[JAWABAN] Dia adalah Tang Wei yang saat lalu menghadap ke belakang dengan gaun putih! Lihat cerita menarik dari Sehun, Tao dan Baekhyun bersama Tang Wei dalam majalah ‘The Celebrity’ (Edisi Maret)!

([ANSWER] It is Tang Wei showing off delectable derriere in a white dress! Check out the interesting stories of EXO’s SEHUN, TAO and BAEKHYUN with Tang Wei on magazine ‘The Celebrity’ (March issue)!)

Credit: EXO-K Facebook
Indonesian Trans & Re-up: Doremi @ EXOFID


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