[TRANS] 131231 MBC Plus’ Twitter Update – D.O. on Showtime

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EXO 디오, 알고 보니 달인?!
대세돌 엑소의 디오가 멤버들과 함께 떠난 첫 여행지에서
‘굽기 담당’의 진면목을 선보였다네요~~
다사다난한 엑소의 저녁식사!
1월 2일 MBC에브리원 ‘EXO의 쇼타임’으로 확인해보아욤~~*

D.O. EXO sebenarnya adalah seseorang yang ahli?! D.O. dari grup terkenal EXO jago dalam hal ‘memanggang’ dalam tim saat ia menunjukkan keahliannya di tempat liburan pertama mereka~~ Waktu makan malam penting EXO! Dapatkan semuanya pada tanggal 2 Januari di MBC’s Everyone, EXO’s Showtime~~*

EXO’s D.O. is actually an expert?! D.O. from the popular group EXO is in charge of ‘grilling’ within the team as he shows his expertise at their first vacation place~~ The eventful EXO’s dinnertime! Catch it on 2nd January at MBC’s Everyone, EXO’s Showtime~~*

Credit: MBCplus
English Trans: cxotrans
Indonesian Trans: Doremi @ EXOFID


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