[OFFICIAL/TRANS] 131212 EXO’s Official Weibo & Facebook Updates – Baekhyun, Chen, Luhan, D.O.

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Hari ini, EXO akan menampilkan spesial stage 12월의 ‘기적(Miracles in December)’ dengan lima member, yaitu D.O., BAEKHYUN, CHEN, LUHAN dan LAY.
Jangan sampai ketinggalan menontonnya di Mnet ‘M! Countdown’.

Today, EXO will present the special stage of ’12월의 기적(Miracles in December)’ with five members, including D.O., BAEKHYUN, CHEN, LUHAN and LAY.
Don’t miss to catch the premiere of Mnet ‘M! Countdown’.

Cr. EXO’s Weibo & Facebook
Re-upload by Byeolstar @ EXOFID


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