[NEWS] 131028 Boy Group Baru YG-JYP ‘Kami Akan Mengejar EXO’

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Persaiangan antara boy grup dari ‘Big 3 (t/n: SM, YG, JYP)’ dimulai lagi. Sementara boy grup ‘hit’ SM Entertainment yaitu EXO tengah berencana untuk comeback di November, YG Entertainment dan JYP Entertainment menunjukkan boy grup mereka satu per satu. Jika diperjelas, YG dan JYP akan melawan badai dari boy grup yang SM buat yaitu EXO.

(Bagian yang bukan menyangkut EXO telah dihilangkan)

Competition of the goy groups of the ‘Big 3’ is starting again. While SM Entertainment’s ‘hit’ boy group EXO is planning on making a November comeback, YG Entertainment JYP Entertainment are both showing their boy groups one after the other. It calculates YG and JYP are going against the storm of boy groups that SM made with EXO.

t/n: omitted anything that does not have to do with EXO

Source: Sports Donga
English Translation: nahbit @ exok-trans
Indonesian Translation: Doremi @ EXOFID

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