[OTHER] 130919 EXO-M (Kris, Luhan, Lay, Tao)’s Weibo Updates – Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

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Tao’s Update

Wishing everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, spend time with your family. I miss you all very much.
(Selamat Mid-Autumn Festival untuk semuanya, habiskan waktumu bersama keluarga, aku sangat merindukan kalian semua.)

Kris’ Update

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!!  Happy~ppy~ppy~yyy
(Selamat Mid-Autumn Festival!!!! Selamat~~mat~mat~ttt)

Luhan’s Update

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!!~ Has everyone had mooncakes?^^
(Selamat merayakan Mid-Autumn Festival!!!!~ Sudahkan semuanya memakan kue bulan?^^)

Lay’s Weibo

Everybody quick go back home to have your reunion dinner. Don’t let your family wait any longer for you. The food is getting cold. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone.
(Semuanya cepat pulang ke rumah untuk makan malam bersama. Jangan biarkan keluargamu menunggu lebih lama. Makanannya akan dingin. Selamat merayakan Mid-Autumn Festival semuanya.)

Credits: Kris, Luhan, Lay, Tao’s Weibo
English Translation: amy @ exom-trans
Caps & Indonesian Translation: Doremi @ EXOFID


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