[OFFICIAL/TRANS] 130812 EXO-K’s Official Facebook & Weibo Update – Sehun

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Apakah kamu sudah mengunjungi Toko BWCW Collaboration?
Faktanya, ada banyak benda yang disukai semua member EXO! Sehun terutama sangat menyukai sepeda diantara benda-benda lainnya.
Apakah kalian tertarik untuk mengetahui benda yang disukai member lainnya?

여러분, 콜라보레이션샵 ‘BWCW’에 방문 해 보셨나요?
BWCW에는 EXO 멤버들이 마음에 들어했던 아이템이 하나씩 있답니다.
그 중 세훈은 이 자전거가 가장 마음에 들었다고 해요.
다른 멤버들은 어떤 아이템을 가장 좋아했을까요?

Have you visited BWCW Collaboration shop yet?
In fact, there are various items that have been liked by all the members of EXO! Sehun particularly likes this bicycle out of all the items.
Are you interested in finding out about the rest of the members’ preferences?


Credits: EXO-K Facebook, EXO-K Weibo
Re-up: Byeolstar @ EXOFID

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