[OTHER] 130721 Tao’s Weibo Updates – Display Name & Bio

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Display Name: 澡澡猫_HZT

Bio Update:

Berada di dalam planet tak berdosa bernama “EXO” terdapat “a” “Zao3 Zao3 Mao1” menyertai kalian. Dia belum begitu besar, perhatikan-lah diirinya di mana dia tengah dalam masa tumbuh berkembang untuk beberapa tahun lagi dan dia akan menjadi leopard (macan tutul) yang berdiri di puncak.

(In an innocent planet called “EXO” there’s “a” “Zao3 Zao3 Mao1″ accompanying you guys. He’s not very big yet, just watch the him who is in midst of growing up to grow for a few more years and he will become a leopard that stands on the peak.)

Credit: Tao’s Weibo
English Translation: exo-c-trans
Indonesian Translation & Caps by: Doremi@EXOFID

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